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Over 50. Fabulous. And Dot Dot Dot

Midlife can feel a bit like a whirlwind of chaos. In the midst of that, you may feel the weight of being unappreciated, unseen, and unheard. If left unchecked, this emotional strain can lead to bitterness, burnout, or a midlife crisis.

But what if you could reignite the spark that once defined you? What if you could connect with your heart's deepest desires and find renewed purpose, passion, and inner peace?

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Over 50. Fabulous. And Dot Dot Dot

The best is yet to come...

“Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.” ―Zig Zigler

Welcome to this space where you'll be truly seen, heard, and celebrated.

Together, we'll navigate what your heart desires, reigniting your spark and finding a sense of purpose and inner peace. This is where you can reinvent yourself and manifest your heart's desires.

Whether through one-on-one clarity sessions, brainstorming passion projects, 12 weeks of focused coaching and mentoring or engaging in transformative workshops and masterminds, the tools and support are here.


And if you're after books and journals, I have these to guide you and become your companion on this transformative journey.

Self-Coaching Tools

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Learning To Fly - Community, transformational adventures, workshops, online courses, journals and much, much more.


One off clarity sessions.

12 coaching and mentoring sessions delivered weekly or every two weeks.


One off workshops or 30 Day adventures.

A range of online courses that don't take long to complete, but will change your perspective.


The Journey from Midlife Chaos to Purpose and Peace

Where are you and where do you want to be?

Phase 1: Disruption & Discontent

Trigger Event

An unexpected incident or realisation that disrupts the current course of life. It might be a significant life change, health scare, long-term relationship end, or even a sudden revelation about one's life's direction.

Bitterness Emerges

Feelings of being unappreciated, unseen, and unheard grow. There's a nagging feeling that your efforts and contributions go unnoticed and undervalued. It feels like the world is moving on without you.


The culmination of chronic bitterness. You're exhausted – mentally, emotionally, and physically. The zest for life diminishes, and things that once brought joy now feel mundane or even burdensome.

Phase 2: Searching & Questioning

Midlife Chaos

Life feels overwhelming. There's a scramble to find meaning, to reclaim lost dreams, or to prove one's worth. It's the stage of questioning everything, feeling lost, and trying to find where you fit in the world.

Midlife Crisis

The feelings from the chaos intensify. There might be impulsive decisions, a profound sense of regret, or a desperate attempt to recapture youth and missed opportunities. It's a plea for a deeper connection and understanding of oneself.

Phase 3: Rediscovery & Healing

Reconnection to Heart's Desires

A turning point. Realising that happiness and fulfilment come from within. It's the stage of introspection, understanding, and accepting oneself. There's a gentle pull towards things that resonate deeply with the soul.


It's a process of mending the wounds from the past, forgiving oneself and others, and nurturing the soul. With each passing day, the scars fade, replaced by wisdom and strength.

Discovering a Sense of Purpose

With newfound clarity, there's a drive to make a meaningful impact. You align your actions with your core values and passions. No matter how small, every decision feels like a step towards a larger goal.

Phase 4: Peace & Fulfillment

Inner Peace

Having navigated the tumultuous waters, there's a serenity in this phase. Embracing life as it comes, letting go of past regrets, and focusing on the present moment.

Feeling Successful

Not defined by societal standards but by personal fulfilment. It's about being seen, appreciated, and valued, first by oneself and then by the world. Knowing you've weathered the storm and emerged more resilient and radiant, it's a profound sense of accomplishment.

About Dale & Accende

Life can be a roller-coaster can’t it? 

And, sometimes, amid all the twists, turns and confusion on the cosmic roundabout, we might feel a tad out of touch, a smidgeon lost, or just a wee bit weary. And that vibrant zest for life?


Mmm, where did it go?

As women, we often find ourselves navigating through challenges that can leave us feeling drained, bitter, burnt out, lost, and disconnected from our true selves or having any kind of sense of purpose, let alone any inner peace.


Haven't we all been there?

If you're yearning for a fresh direction, a little nudge, or just a space to rediscover your heart’s desires and dreams, I'm here with open ears and open heart. I'd love to be your guide, sounding board, and partner in this delightful dance of rediscovery and reinvention.

My passion lies in helping women reconnect with their inner creative force, that deep well of inspiration and wisdom that resides in what I call the "womb of creation" - the sacral chakra.

Through a blend of approaches, I will create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your heart's desires, dreams, and passions. Together, we will uncover the tools and techniques to rekindle your creative flame, allowing you to step into your power and confidently shape the life you envision.

Shall we dance?

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