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Learning To Fly

  • You don't have a safe, sacred space for yourself

  • You are forgetting who YOU are

  • Perhaps you've sensed that now's the time for a change, to rediscover the essence that has always been within you but may have been buried under life's responsibilities, expectations, and experiences.

  • You are feeling the weight of midlife's unpredictability and chaos and are ready to learn to fly

  • Maybe you feel bitter, burnt out and on the brink of a midlife crisis, and you need a space to chill

Become a member and actively contribute to and shape the community's evolution

From Midlife Chaos to Clarity, A Sense Of Purpose and Inner Peace 

I've created a safe and nurturing sacred space, especially for women like us - naturally reflective, deeply intuitive, who need a place to be seen, heard and witnessed - without judgement.

This is your invitation to join the Learning To Fly Community and come on a series of adventures where you can find yourself, your heart's desires, a sense of purpose and inner peace.

Learning To Fly Community

Transformational Adventures

Through this journey, you will not merely learn to cope with midlife changes but to thrive amidst them, embodying the essence of truly 'Learning to Fly.'

1 - 4

Rediscovering My Fabulous Self

Choose You



5 - 8


Life Strategy


Art Of Confident Living

 9 - 12

Passion & Your Passion Project

Manifesting Magic

Inner Peace and Reflection


These adventures are subject to change depending on the needs of the community.

Community, Sacred Space And Transformational Adventures

The Learning To Fly Community

You'll join a community where you'll be encouraged and inspired. Come and ask questions and help create the Community together.

Monthly Masterclass

60-90 minute interactive masterclass to kick off the month. Each month, we'll be exploring this months adventure to get you thinking and motivated...

Monthly Get Togethers

This is your opportunity to ask questions, network and dig a bit deeper with the friends you meet.

Monthly Adventures

Each adventure contains a short course and a journal for you to explore over a month. This is your back up to support each adventure.

Start A Passion Project

No drawing or art unless that's your passion project. Explore something you’d love to do. It’s more about looking inwards and creativity finding your spark so that you no longer feel fed up of being fed up.

Ad-hoc Support Sessions

Do you need to let off steam or brainstorm? We'll set something up so that you can pick the brains of the collection and be seen, head and witnessed.


Why Join Me?

A Space to Decompress and Be Yourself

In this sacred space, you are free to be yourself, unapologetically and authentically. It’s a place where you can shed layers of expectation and pressure, allowing your true self to surface and shine. 

Rolling 12 Months Of Adventures

In this sacred space, over twelve transformative months, you're invited to come on an adventure like no other – one where you control the pace, decompress, be yourself, no judgement, and be in a space where every moment is an invitation to grow, explore, and simply be.

Lasting Impact

The changes and insights you gain here will extend far beyond the twelve months. This is a journey that promises to leave a lasting impact on your life, offering tools and wisdom you can carry forward indefinitely. You'll be a part of a community that understands and supports your growth.

Every Month, A New Adventure

Each month unfolds a new chapter in this adventure, offering varied experiences. From reflective workshops to interactive sessions, every element is designed to engage different aspects of your being - mind, body, and spirit. Each theme is an opportunity to expand your horizons and delve into aspects of yourself waiting to be discovered.

Outcomes That Resonate

It's not just about setting goals; it's about achieving outcomes that resonate with your heart. Our journey will align your actions with your heart’s desires, ensuring that every step you take feels meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling.

Your Personal Rhythm, Your Sacred Time

This journey respects your personal rhythm. Whether you’re seeking a moment of insight or a deep dive into self-exploration, you can engage with the content whenever you feel the call and however you want. There’s no pressure to keep up; instead, there's an invitation to move at your own pace.


Redefining Success

Success isn't just about constant action; it's about the power of patience, observation, and embracing opportunities that truly resonate with you. This journey is about empowering you to redefine success on your own terms.

A Community of Like-Minded Souls

Join a circle of incredible women, all in the midst of midlife, eager to rediscover, redefine, and reinvent their lives. There's an immeasurable strength in shared experiences, collective wisdom, and mutual support. As we journey together, every insight, breakthrough, and success is a cause for celebration.

A Pathway to Inner Peace

I am here to guide you to that serene space where you feel content, peaceful, and aligned with your heart's deepest desires and a sense of purpose. My goal is to focus on helping you to create a sense of inner peace, balance, and harmony that resonates deeply within you.

Fun And Creativity

What is life without fun and creativity?

And A Little Bit Of Woo

We'll be exploring chakras, energy and much more...

Are You Ready?

Take the Learning To Fly Self-Assessment

Your Investment

Learning To Fly is €588 p.a. (€490 pay in full 12 for 10)

Or €49 per month.

LTF 2.png

Investment - What you get

Learning To Fly

Learning To Fly is a community which contains monthly transformational adventures and a safe, sacred space.

Learning To Fly Community

What You Get

  • Community

  • Monthly Masterclass

  • Monthly Get Togethers

  • Monthly Adventures (Course & Ebook Journal)

LTF - Self-Directed

What You Get

  • Monthly Course & Journal Ebook

  • Support Group (in the Accende Lounge)

  • Monthly Workshop (Optional Extra)


What You Get

Monthly Journal Ebook or Printed Journal

Everything has been designed to support all learning types.

A Nurturing and Inclusive Community

Join a group of like-minded women on a similar quest as yourself. Share experiences, offer support, and build lasting connections.

Tools For Life

In addition to our core content, you'll also gain access to energy-based tools designed to bring greater clarity to your heart's desires and learn how to tap into your intuition and inner wisdom.

Thoughtful Content

All of the content has been designed with you in mind and to support your transformation through the Learning To Fly adventures.

A Roadmap for Lasting Change

Walk away from each adventure with the next piece in your actionable roadmap that empowers you to create lasting and positive changes in your life. I’m committed to guiding you every step of the way.

Join Me For Learning To Fly

  • Tell Me More About Learning To Fly
    Learning To Fly is, in essence, a community built on the foundation of friendship and sisterhood. This is a sacred space where each member is encouraged to explore their potential, embrace new challenges and feel free to fly. When you join LTF, you get the following: Support Group - Learning To Fly Community You'll join a support group where you'll be encouraged and inspired. Come and ask questions and help create the Midlife Magic Community. Monthly Workshop Adventure 60-90 minute workshop exploring this month's adventure to get you thinking... We use this to kick off the core content. Monthly Get Togethers This is your opportunity to ask questions, network and dig a bit deeper with the friends you meet. Monthly Adventures Each adventure is also delivered as a course and a journal to explore in your own time. ​ This has been designed with different learning styles in mind. The workshop is for those who love live and interactive. The course is for you if you would like to learn in your own time and at your own pace. The journals are for the journaling fans. Self-Directed This has been designed for those who love to learn on their own. Monthly Adventures Each adventure is delivered as a course and a journal for you to explore over a month. You can purchase each of these as a one-off. ​ Support Group You'll have access to the Accende Lounge, a support group where you'll be encouraged and inspired. ​ Monthly Workshop 60-90 minute workshop exploring something to get you thinking... (This is an optional extra) Journal Only You can purchase either an eBook or a printed journal.
  • How long do have access to the content?
    Everything you purchase is available to keep. You will not get anything going forward. Learning To Fly has been structured so that you keep the content, but not the group and ongoing support.
  • How are the workshops and get togethers delivered?
    On Zoom. They are interactive in nature. The workshops will all be available to watch on the replay.
  • What if my circumstances change?
    Connect with me and let's discuss. Always come to me with your concerns.
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  • Where is the support group hosted?
    Midlife Magic is on Facebook and as a separate community, with Facebook being the main community. Given the nature of Facebook, I have decided to have a backup community just in case and for those who do not want to use Facebook.
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