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How To Create A Sacred Writing Space

Finding the perfect, sacred writing space will enable your writing to flow, your creativity will flow, and you will feel encouraged to write more. When I talk to clients about why they are unable to write, one of the reasons is that they haven't created the right (write) environment.

Create A Sacred Writing Space

Yesterday I was at a workshop, and journaling was a big part of it. I made notes as this wasn't my sacred space. And that was ok. I knew that when I got home, I would reflect and I did.

Then this morning I felt compelled to write loads. I was able to do this because I'd reflected on the workshop the night before and I was in my bed which is my sacred space.

Very soon, I was joined by two of my dogs. Peace of sorts descended. I was interrupted by Angel's licks and the need to have a neck scratch. I always oblige because it feels like an important part of the process for some reason.

Creating a sacred writing space - decide where

Bed, lounge, conservatory (sun house), office, in your favourite comfy chair, or on the sofa It is important that you find a place where you feel at ease and inspired. There are several places that I like to write in.

One is my bed, another is the sofa in my downstairs lounge, and yet another is on the terrace. It depends on my mood to which of these spaces I write.

Interestingly, I only know which space to choose when I am ready to write.

There is an energy in each of these spaces that inspires me. There is a feeling - a sense of comfort. Try sitting in different places and see what happens. It's the only way that you will find out.

Note what makes the space. It might be the energy of the room, how comfortable you are, the smell, silence, the quality of the air or view. There will be many very subtle things.

Do you need to smudge the room, dim the lights or have some crystals?

Next, decide when you want to write

When do you want to write? First thing in the morning or last thing at night? In the evening after dinner? I love writing blogs and chapters for books first thing in the morning, not long after I have woken. For pure journaling, it's usually when I am in bed, all cosy and tucked up.

Try different ways and see what works. Different kinds of writing may be better done at different times of the day.

I advise my writers to get into the habit of writing first thing in the morning, so that they are fresh and it's done for the day - no procrastination allowed...

What else needs to happen to create your sacred writing space?

If you are an auditory person, you may like to have some music on, I love using (sometimes). If you are kinaesthetic, what about lovely feely things, perhaps a throw and a dog to cuddle. Visual, you might like to be in a place where you can see beautiful things, such as an open window that looks out onto a garden, or in my case, the lovely hills.

There are other things that you may like. How about burning incense or lighting a scented candle? If you love your food, how about a nice cup of tea and some nibbles?

What about clutter? I hate mess around me when I write, I need a clean desk and an uncluttered space. Mind you, with these three little furry terrors, my sacred space is often messed up. They also often decide when it's time for me to stop and walk them. This clears my head writing space. I need lots of fresh air.

So in my perfect sacred space, I shall include furry writing muses.

Silence or a busy cafe. My preference is silence or

People or no people? I find people distract me. They want to chat or interrupt despite my asking to be left alone, so it's easier to write when there is no one around. The doggies are fine - to a point. When Angel has decided she wants my attention, nothing will get written.

There will always be a perfect time and the perfect writing space which suits you. It is important to your creativity to find the right place to write. If you haven't found your writing space and time, create it. You will know when you have because your words will flow.

Short and sweet today. Let me know how you get on finding or creating your sacred writing space.

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