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Midlife can feel a bit like a whirlwind of chaos. In the midst of that, you may feel the weight of being unappreciated, unseen, and unheard. If left unchecked, this emotional strain can lead to bitterness, burnout, or a midlife crisis.

But what if you could reignite the spark that once defined you? What if you could connect with your heart's deepest desires and find a renewed sense of purpose, passion, and inner peace?


Chaos is a positive place where you find yourself before reaching clarity. This is a space of infinite potential and possibility. Midlife chaos is not disorderly but rather a fertile ground for creativity, exploration, and transformation.


Just as the Universe was believed to have emerged from chaos, we can view our moments of uncertainty and ambiguity as opportunities for innovation and new beginnings.


There are no predefined structures or limitations in this lovely creative space, providing a sense of freedom to think outside the box and experiment with new ideas.


Here, we have the space for introspection and contemplation. This is a great time to break free from old thinking patterns and gain deeper insights into where we find ourselves and our heart’s desires.


Just as chaos was essential for the creation of the Universe, this state can be seen as a necessary phase for personal growth and transformation, leading to greater clarity and understanding.


What’s not to love?


The Midlife Magic Mentoring Program has been designed exclusively for the over 50's woman ready to transition from a phase of chaos to a place of purpose, passion, and inner peace.


This program is not about changing your life drastically (it might...) but about reigniting your inner spark, refocusing on your heart's desires, and rekindling a renewed sense of purpose and inner peace amidst the midlife chaos.


Your midlife is not a crisis. It’s a call to adventure.

The Details

We meet once a week for 12 weeks. I will create a safe space where you will be seen, heard and witnessed and depending on where our conversations take us, I will prepare 'stuff' for you to focus on for the following week. 

Our work together is as individual as you are. We will be clear about your intentions and outcomes. There are no cookie cutters for doing this or that. 

Midlife Magic: From Chaos to Clarity, Purpose And Inner Peace

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