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Transform Your Midlife Journey And Learn To Fly


I've created a safe and nurturing space, especially for women like us - naturally reflective, deeply intuitive, and uniquely able to connect with our innermost desires. 

This is your invitation to come on a series of adventures where you can find yourself, your heart's desires, a sense of purpose and inner peace.


Through this journey, you will not merely learn to cope with midlife changes but to thrive amidst them, embodying the essence of truly 'Learning to Fly.'


It is a space where every experience, every lesson, is a stepping stone towards uncovering the amazing potential within you - the brave, bold and brilliant you.


In Learning to Fly, I am here to hold space for you, to guide, inspire and empower you, and to celebrate every step of your journey. It’s about embracing the entirety of your experiences, learning from the past, being in the now and welcoming the future with open arms.


You will receive your Zoom details via email and in our group. Please check your spam folder.


The full details are here.



The monthly workshops are for 60-90 minutes and start at either 2 pm or 7 pm CET (Spain)

Location: Zoom

All workshops are recorded and available for replay, and those who cannot attend in person.


Learning To Fly - Transformational Adventures

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147,00 €every 3 months until canceled
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