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12 Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

Available Online

Meet weekly (or 2 weekly) for guidance and accountability.

  • 1 hour
  • Zoom

Service Description

Discover Clarity, Purpose, and Inner Peace  You want a life brimming with clarity, purpose, and inner peace. As your ally and guide, I focus on listening and witnessing you, understanding your challenges and heart's desires and steering you towards your version of success. My coaching and mentoring approach is designed to unlock your inner wisdom, guiding you through actionable steps that yield tangible results and personal growth. I offer a warm, empathetic ear, posing insightful and intuitive questions that heighten self-awareness and empower you to make good choices for your next steps. This plan is uniquely yours, respecting your rhythm and energy and acknowledging your responsibility for your progress. Distinguishing itself from therapy (I am not a therapist), my coaching zeroes in on sculpting your future rather than delving into the past. While life's challenges are inevitable, my coaching provides you with the tools to navigate hurdles and emotions, towards a greater confidence, sense of purpose and the all important inner peace. Book your 12 sessions and walk away feeling confident and motivated with a clear plan to take action. **** How to Get the Most Out of Your Coaching & Mentoring To maximise the benefits of each session, consider the following tips: Set clear objectives: Before the session, identify the specific area(s) of your life you want to focus on or the goals you want to achieve. Having clear objectives will help you make the most of the limited time available. Be prepared: Gather any relevant information or materials that may be useful during the session, such your journal entries. Being prepared will ensure you can dive right into the discussion and make the most of the session. Be open and honest: Be willing to share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns openly and honestly. This will allow me to provide you with the most beneficial guidance. Take notes: Keep a record of the insights, advice, and action steps discussed during the session. These notes will serve as a valuable reference as you work toward achieving your goals. Implement and follow up: After each session, take action on the strategies and recommendations discussed during the session. Once you have booked, we will arrange a convenient date and time. I am in Spain.

Cancellation Policy

Should you have any problems with your booking please email

Contact Details

Cantoria, Almería, Spain

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