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The Creative Space

A place where people bring creativity and passion together create a deeper sense of purpose

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Learning To Fly

Community, Sacred Space And Transformational Adventures


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Start A Passion Project

A passion project is a project that inspires and excites you. It could be just for you or for the greater good. It demonstrates your values, creativity, interests and initiative. It connects your intuition with your heart's desires.

Why Do One?

You feel like you have lost a part of your purpose and meaning and a part of who you are. You are at the dissatisfaction point where you are:

  • Fearful of what’s next

  • Don’t feel like you know who you are anymore

  • Busy doing nothing that inspires you and have lost your passion

  • Your sense of purpose has slipped away, leaving a void hard to fill

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What Else?

  • The once bustling home now echoes with the silence of an empty nest

  • Menopause has robbed you of control, making your body feel foreign and unpredictable

  • The passing years have dulled your spark, and you no longer feel as vibrant or attractive as you once did

  • Mother Nature's evolutionary purposes have left you feeling sidelined and without purpose

  • Despite your wisdom and experience, you've become invisible in crowded rooms and overlooked in conversations

  • Your vast experiences and wisdom are undervalued or underappreciated

  • The fast-paced world has left you feeling disconnected or out of touch

  • You're uncertain about navigating this new chapter of life without a guide or compass

  • The relationships and roles that once defined you have shifted, leaving you questioning your identity

What Could Be Your Passion Project?

Image by Yannick Pulver

Write A Memoir

Write a book, tell your story. Share your experiences and change the world.

Image by Erik Mclean

Photography Blog

Start a photography blog where you document your adventures, sharing your passion for photography with others. This project not only allows you to improve your photography skills but also connects you with a community of fellow photographers.

Image by Khara Woods

DIY Craft Workshops

If you're crafty and enjoy making things, consider organising DIY craft workshops in your community. Teach others your skills and foster a sense of creativity and community.

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