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Midlife Coaching And Mentoring For Women

Helping fed-up women to move out of chaos, reconnect with their heart's desires, create a sense of purpose and find inner peace.


Learning To Fly: A sacred space, community and a place for transformational adventures taking you from Midlife Chaos to Purpose and Peace.


Workshops designed to take you on a series of transformational adventures.

Clarity Sessions

Brainstorm and discuss your stuff. Come with a head full of nonsense and leave with clarity and an action plan.

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Midlife Magic Mentoring

Working together 121. From Midlife Chaos to Purpose and Peace. Invest in blocks of 12.

  • Are you a woman who feels fed-up, lost and struggling with who they are and where they are headed?

  • Perhaps you have lost the connection with your heart’s desires?

  • Do you want to reconnect with your womb of creativity and explore?

Having witnessed countless talented females and gorgeous souls feel overwhelmed and disconnected from their sense of purpose, I made it my thing to help them reignite their creative spark.

In essence, creativity in this context is a tool for personal empowerment. It allows you to delve into aspects of yourself which may be hidden so that you can shape and, ultimately, carve out a sense of purpose that resonates with your heart's desires.

The act of creation, regardless of the outcome, creates a sense of accomplishment. Over time, this builds confidence in your abilities and decisions, reinforcing a sense of direction and purpose.

Creativity encourages introspection. By exploring and expressing yourself, you can identify what truly matters to you, which can help clarify your individual purpose.

So, no drawing or art unless that's your passion project. More looking inwards and creativity finding your spark so that you no longer feel fed up of being fed up.

Together, we have the potential to achieve great things.

Join me for a one-on-one deep dive where we explore your current state, pinpoint what's holding you back, and design a tailor-made action plan to reignite your passion. We'll look at your challenges from different perspectives and explore your heart's desires.

These sessions can be one off's where you explore one issue or a number of sessions where we look at a thornier issue or we work together on your passion project.

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