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Memoir And Non-Fiction Book Planning

Your story and knowledge deserve to be told and shared

Are you looking to take your memoir or non-fiction book to another level?


All good books begin with a plan, and planning a book needs to be fun and easy to follow so that when you get to the writing stage, it will flow.


At heart, I am both a strategist and a writer, and memoir (as well as fiction) is one of my favourite forms of storytelling. 

I can help you get the stuckness out of your head and heart into a plan and into a book. 

We are a team.

Working with me as your mentor will help you create a well-structured book outline.

Together, we will work to bring your story to life and ensure that your bookis the best it can be.


Memoir Journaling

Unearth and explore your memories through the guided Memoir Journaling service, a transformative process that invites you to delve deep into your personal history, uncovering your experiences and wisdom.


Book Planning

The Book Planning service ensures your story and ideas flow. We will be converting your memories and ideas into an engaging story structure, transforming scattered thoughts into a cohesive, compelling book.

Mentoring and Accountability

I'll be the partner who challenges your mindset, and helps you to plan.

Start Planning Now

  • 1 hr

    125 euros
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